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For me 2014 has been a year without art I have sacrificed art for a soul,mind,body, searching journey. see i weighed 180 lbs at start of last year but lost 60 lbs I now weigh 120 lbs 5'7 about to start my journey at college, Everything has changed for me in the past year=

what it was like before;
beginin 2014 I stayed home hanged out with my sisters, was single, I made alot of art though. I got rejected on valentimes day 2014 by a boy that was skinny as a stick..."but hot" ....He constantly got girlfriends and dumped girlfriends. I was crushed!! :( had been dreaming about this guy forever and had THE biggest crush ever.
and my heart just got destroyed into itsy bitsy peices after that i let myself go got fat hangin with my sistas. The dude wasn't treating me like a  friend before but now I'm getting fat he isn't exactly acknowledging that I'm in the same room as him.

what it was like after losing the weight;
I got up everyday ready to try different things, I didn't hang out with my sistas,one of them actually cussed me out then threw her self in jail.ahem ok i know thats not normal,but this is in the past for me so I don't mind talking about it now,anyways; My clothes started to fit me!!! I could go into smaller sizes, boys started staring at me and shocked when ..........................................................that fool............... He started checkin me out...... the guy who rejected me...dundunduuuuuun...       :):)   #playing up the drama, :):) jk its all realy happened he really started to notice me and talk to me, 

I wanted to grab his balls and shove them down his throat. but I was too foolishishly falling in llove with him ugh #barf

I mean I'm not bragging I got really really good looking like I'm part artist so I know how too tweak things I used my body as my art piece I mean really I tried to look so good it was part of mmy revenge see,
he used to be a bit of a player and there are some friends of mine they all fallen play to his stupid; flirting and breaking there hearts.
I couldn't stand him always checking me out seeing when my waist looked extra small and how much larger my breasts looked see when I got looking good. He was looking at meh,and all sorts of feelings that went beyond what aI had felt for previous crushes expanded I started to recrush on him and his personality but now in a whole new sexual way I was interested in him and he was interested in checking me and awhile His gf he was treating like a "friend" after that i just started  seeing what his relationship with her was like and well they were just friends not really lovers, not really anything. She dated her for 3 months thats the longest hes had a girlfriend he keps dating and dumping he always breaks up with them. he dates cheeky annoying perky squinty faced hott girls thats his type. he started dating someone else shes a nerdy type and ugghly After all that I'm done being that girl he looks at and thinks mmmm that girl wanted to date me, so I cutt off my hair its real short. He still checking me out but back to the older gf;

he flirted with me while he had that gf and just uuuggh the stress of knowing this guy everything in perspective he constantly will confuse you to wereas you only know one thing ..he doesn't want enemies he wants everyone to be his friend,that ends up hurting your crush on him and keeps you instate of wanting more he look at just you smile and laugh with you when someone tells funny joke, he never try to upset you or hurt you he just try to have fun with his own friends and be everyones friend and he must crush on everyone but he uses people and he uses me and then he picks his own girl. He has a bestfriend who one time sat down with him and talked about how he looked at me and stuff i don't know why but he just did. his bff can sometimes be weird but at end a day hes ...weird. lol

so in conclusion i been dealing with a guy who wants to have his cake and eat it. he wanted to use me cause im not bragging but honestly his new gf is truthfully but ugly. lol she so ugly i'm jus gonna pray for that girl but anyways 2014  was year of me dealing with puberty im 18 woop!!!! haha ya I was a late bloomer.

this dude. heh totes just consumed my year oh my guh I liked worshipped him.oh lol thaz bad haha yaaazhiez anywoop i just want to say yuuuupzzz I cut of all mer hair played hard to get actuallty i reallu am gonna be hard to get cuzz I'm super gorgess now got short hair:( but my bod looks so good I'm going to COLLEGE!!!!!!!!! major is Graphic design!!! minor is dance

Is college a lonely place???? I hope I might meet someone. XD i'm crying on floor so hard sometimes thinking about how this guy ruins me....because....itsss. like i'm better now .... I'm] glob it hurts hes mean for liking me but not liking me!!!!!! i cries soo much from him this last year but luckily several times in my own ways has stood him up and I am proud of that because for my fellow girls I have taken revenge for us.... now I have tthis lingering feelings for his cause of this weight loss venture I have the chance to do all this .he left me saddness but college maybe I will just be good and great guy who loves me comes along and gets to know me and everythin.!!! :D

till then I'm doing pretty good haven't been on DA last year but making progress got on the art sight just a bit here and there even made nother account so i can't wait to see what fall is gonna bring me!!! new college new church hopefully.... see he still goes too same church as me so i'm thinking even though i have a friend there i really like it might be time to move on go to choich same town as my college will be,also i didn't mention before but i am #christian!!! I believe in JC!!! so yuuuup!!! I just hoping college turn out soooo kool cuzz highschool boring/lame /terrible. no bfs:( but maybees now i have like a second chance at life!!! See i fails at life sometimes but i just gott a new car!!!! soooooo life can be amazing starting august 13 is when my classes begin im trully so excited about dance i feel passionatly excited i love to dance!!!


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...... hi, my last name is $$%^^* confidential....but ...... i guess you can call me opel. I live on the second floor of a barbie doll house and have no door to my room.
i have 5 sisters and four brothers and were all together every year for thanksgiving so, i hide under the table singing kumbiyah.

I have a comic I really wanna write but i'm just too dang lazy,but still I suppose i could write it.
I love foxes in fact the main character is a fox his name is Blaze, and then theres ray shes a human,and zen, hes a werewolf, and well it's this really great story i'm just lacking in motivation to draw it, but there is this one person who actually like it and shes motivated me to start drawing it again so i will i am its getting.. done! >:)

oh ya also if your wondering what the heck that is in the picture; it's me hiding behind an alien with two eyes, with my fake glasses on for further hiding, ya there not real eye actually popped the lenses out, cause i have perfect vision,.... O.o i can see right threw you,but anyway i like taylor swift, panic at the disco, ryan and terry music covers, and tea i love tea I am a converted from water to tea ahlolic by my good ol pal m^*(((($$$# i dunno if she'ld like ya'lls creeps knowin her name but anyways she is awesome, oh btb not that you specifically are a creep i was just sayin to the creeps... You know who you are CREEPS!!

I'm a dorkable yes I know I have these rediculous glasses and I actually don't have short hair its just tied back.
so ya actually you may very well think you know me good sir or madom but you DON'T! in fact you might even say

I'm a mystery....

( space for suspense )

a riddle wrapped up in the enigma of uncertainty which you good sir or madom call understanding.... hoho hohoho,

"what you just call us??"


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