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...... hi, my last name is $$%^^* confidential....but ...... i guess you can call me opel. I live on the second floor of a barbie doll house and have no door to my room.
i have 5 sisters and four brothers and were all together every year for thanksgiving so, i hide under the table singing kumbiyah.

I have a comic I really wanna write but i'm just too dang lazy,but still I suppose i could write it.
I love foxes in fact the main character is a fox his name is Blaze, and then theres ray shes a human,and zen, hes a werewolf, and well it's this really great story i'm just lacking in motivation to draw it, but there is this one person who actually like it and shes motivated me to start drawing it again so i will i am its getting.. done! >:)

oh ya also if your wondering what the heck that is in the picture; it's me hiding behind an alien with two eyes, with my fake glasses on for further hiding, ya there not real eye actually popped the lenses out, cause i have perfect vision,.... O.o i can see right threw you,but anyway i like taylor swift, panic at the disco, ryan and terry music covers, and tea i love tea I am a converted from water to tea ahlolic by my good ol pal m^*(((($$$# i dunno if she'ld like ya'lls creeps knowin her name but anyways she is awesome, oh btb not that you specifically are a creep i was just sayin to the creeps... You know who you are CREEPS!!

I'm a dorkable yes I know I have these rediculous glasses and I actually don't have short hair its just tied back.
so ya actually you may very well think you know me good sir or madom but you DON'T! in fact you might even say

I'm a mystery....

( space for suspense )

a riddle wrapped up in the enigma of uncertainty which you good sir or madom call understanding.... hoho hohoho,

"what you just call us??"

What I think about Deviantart?

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 9:19 AM
  • Hi ya'll agian!

  • It's been awhile, I haven't been very active. I'm not  into deviantart as much as I was before, There are alot of things that have happened on this website that have discouraged me. but I'm a very competitive person too so when i see someone with something I don't, I really get into changen that. Recently though this website has been a dud on me. I don't think I'll be on visiting it much longer. I don't know of a more popular site for art with the same quality of format as this website but,yet I know of others that have a more mature community. I mean the fact that this website itself says " deviant " should have been a sign. People here often refer to themselves as deviants or there art as deviations. but they don't even know what the word truly means and the kind of signal it sends.

"De·vi·ant "

  • 1. perverted, sick (informal), twisted, bent (slang), abnormal, queer (informal, derogatory), warped, perverse, wayward, kinky (slang), devious, deviate, freaky (slang), aberrant, pervy (slang), sicko (informal) social reactions to deviant and criminal behaviour
  • perverted
  • 1.
  • departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior.
  • 1.
  • a deviant person or thing.

    1. "aberrant behavior"; "deviant ideas"
  • I wouldn't want to be any of these things,thats why, sometimes I ask myself how weird is it I'm still on this site?? I unfortunately have about three or so months left of membership. but I think that I'm gonna move on then. it has been fun and I have learned alot from watching what others do.I'm not gone just yet though.:)

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